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This week on the House of Tre we talked about…

November Update.Did I succeed in my goals for the month? What are the plans for December?

House of Tre out on the web….

Eek! Bad Investing Advice was included in the Carnival of MoneyPros. Thanks so much!!


Blogs I Loved…

There are so many great blogs out there, but these were my favorites of the week…

…@PruDebtFree checked in on@DebtDebs So glad to hear she is okay, just a little overworked. I can relate :-)

…@sunburntsaver shared her Ruthless Gift-Giving Plan. Good advice with so much pressure to spend.


Hope you have a great week!


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November Goals


The goals were to set a budget for Christmas and decide on 401k, FSA & IRAs for next year. We actually had it all done before the 15th. – PASS

Healthy Living

I planned on having metabolic testing done, but wasn’t able to get an appointment when I wasn’t travelling for work. I did workout, but averaged 3 per week, not the goal of 5. Overall, I did eat better and workout more, but not as much as I had planned. – FAIL


The goal was to do some guest posts and update the blog. The blog is done, you just haven’t seen it yet. – PASSISH

Extra Income

Umm, yeah that didn’t happen. I listed some stuff on eBay, but no sales. – FAIL

Wow, I have to admit I didn’t realize how bad I did on my goals last month. I think the healthier eating and occasional workouts put me in a state of euphoria.

Let’s be honest. I did two business trips and worked until 10pm most nights when I was home. My personal computer crashed and I thought I lost a month’s worth of work. Wasn’t the best month.

December Goals


I just want to stick to the budget this month. No debt increase. Also, I need to make a decision on a new computer and work that into the budget.  A Mac is so tempting. I’ve been in the Apple store playing with them every time we go to the mall. Hmm, I wonder if the little Tres will be upset if I return their presents?

Healthy Living

Workout 4x per week and not gain any weight over the holidays.


Launch the new House of Tre.

Extra Income

I’m going to list some textbooks for sale. Nothing else this month.

How was your month? Did you achieve your goals?

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This week on the House of Tre we talked about…

#GivingTuesday. Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after American Thanksgiving. Mark your calendar for next year!

Health & Wealth Challenge – Week 4 Update. I think it was a good month. I think I need to take on more challenges.

House of Tre out on the web….

…nowhere :-(

My computer crashed Sunday night and I’ve been MIA most of the week.

I need to buy a new computer, but this time I’m looking at Apple. Any suggestions?

Blogs I Loved…

I LOVE the first week of the month because everyone posts updates. I have a large reading list to get through, but these were my favorites of the week…

…@beachbudget announced the winners of the Health & Wealth Challenge  and an interesting question about posting your monthly income.

…@makingsenseofcents posted Are You Considering Quitting Your Job to Freelance Fulltime? I love reading about how bloggers transition to freelancing. Always learn something new!

…@messymoney posted a Net Worth Update. Wow! Plus they have the same thermostat arguments we have:-)

Hope you have a great weekend!



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This month I am taking part in Tonya’s Health & Wealth Challenge. I will be updating my progress every Monday. Here are the Week 1 Update , Week 2 Update  and Week 3 Update if you missed them. So how was Week 4?


My goal was to exercise five days during the week, eat 7 servings of fruits & vegetables each day and eliminate white bread and rice.

Monday – 45 min Kickboxing, 1 mile walk with dog
Tuesday – 20 min Zumba,1  mile walk with dog
Wednesday – 40 min Kickboxing, 1 mile walk with dog
Thursday – 1 mile walk with dog
Friday – 1 mile walk with dog
Saturday – 1 mile walk with dog
Sunday –  1 mile walk with dog

I did okay with my fruits & vegetables, but there was no way I could avoid bread!


This month I’ve been working on generating revenue outside my regular job. I revamped my e-commerce website and worked on monetizing this blog. The new & improved House of Tre will be coming soon!

What did I learn this month?


It is really important to track my food intake. I have to admit I’m a bit of a stress eater and can consume tons of calories without realizing it.

I also learned that there are a ton of free workouts online. I did take advantage of a Black Friday special to renew my gym membership, but I also know that there are lots of workout options when I am travelling.


Focusing on small tasks to accomplish my larger goals is so important. I was able to accomplish a lot of things I’ve been putting off because I found them overwhelming.

Backups are important!!!! I had planned to launch the new House of Tre on December 1st, but my computer crashed and I lost some of the work. The good news is I recovered most of it. The bad news, I need a new computer.

Did you take part in the Health & Wealth Challenge?

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We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. (Winston Churchill)

What Is Giving Tuesday?

#GivingTuesday is a global day dedicated to giving back that takes place on the Tuesday after American Thanksgiving. It is a time for communities, families, schools and workplaces to come together and give back.

How Can You Learn More?

There are many opportunities to give on #GivingTuesday. Visit #GivingTuesday to learn more. The Huffington Post has a Live Blog dedicated to ways to give.

Do You Have To Give Money?

No! Give back in any way you can. Give education. Give good. Give money. Give time.

Give Time

Here are a few ideas to give time:

  • Contact a local non-profit to find out how you can help
  • Do a community service project with your co-workers
  • Visit Taproot+ to find project that matches your skills
  • Check out LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace


How will you give back today?

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