What A Week! 2015-2

What a week!

What a week indeed! I somehow decided that the first two weeks of January was a great time to do a Winter session course at the local university. Should have thought that through a little more! But I’ve got only three days left so there is no turning back now.

This week on House of Tre we talked about my December Update and some goals for January.

Around the web….

Well, it was a pretty quiet week…

Blogs I loved….

…@DividendDiplomats posted Bert’s Dividend Income Summary – December Great example of the power of reinvesting your dividends!

… @MoneySavingMom posted How We Paid Cash for a Rental House This one made me think…

December Update

December Goals

Budget – FAIL

The goal was to stick to the budget. That’s it. Nothing else. Did we do it? Nope, not even close. There were unexpected expenses. People kept asking for money. Mr. Tre couldn’t say no. I didn’t want to start a fight by saying that we were giving too much money away. So we totally blew the budget in December and will spend January making up for it.

Healthy Living – Pass!!!

Workout 4x per week – done!

Not gain any weight over the holidays – done!! Not only did I not gain weight, but I actually lost a pound.

Blog – Fail

About half way through the month I realized there was too much going on at work and I needed to take a break for a few weeks.

Extra Income – ???

I listed some textbooks for sale, but no sales yet. Let’s hope January is a better month for textbook sales!

How was your month? Did you achieve your goals?

January Goals


The budget is tight this month! We have to make up for going over budget in December. I’m going to try to cut our food budget to $550 and our gas budget to $250.

Healthy Living

Workout 5x per week and get my dental work done.


Publish the new look and follow my January publishing schedule.

Extra Income

I have a detailed plan for extra income in 2015. The January goal is $250.

What are your plans for January?

What A Week! 2015-1

It’s 2015 and things are changing here at the House of Tre. First of all, the blog has a new look. Hope you like it!

I’ve also changed the formats of my weekly update posts. This is the first What A Week! post.

What a week!

Things have been busy behind the scenes. In addition to the new look, I have some  new plans for 2015 and hope you like what you see!

Around the web….

Well, it was a pretty quiet week…

Blogs I loved….

Normally I highlight blog posts that I loved during the week, but this week I want to share my Blogroll with you. A Blogroll is a list of links to blogs I love to read and recommend. Explore and enjoy!


Weekly Update #24

This week on the House of Tre we talked about…

…it’s been pretty quiet here at House of Tre. between the holidays and my day job, I decided to unplug for a few days.

Blogs I Loved…

I’m a little behind on the blogs, but these were my favorites of the week…

…@blonde_finance posted Financial Planning Should Not Be Prejudice.  She’s found a great way to use her skills and provide financial planning for people who don’t normally have access to it.

…@senseofcents posted her 2014 Financial Year In Review. I have to give her credit cause I am NOT that organised (even though I was supposed to estimate our taxes 3 weeks ago)

Happy holidays!


Weekly Update #22

This week on the House of Tre we talked about…

November Update.Did I succeed in my goals for the month? What are the plans for December?

House of Tre out on the web….

Eek! Bad Investing Advice was included in the Carnival of MoneyPros. Thanks so much!!

Blogs I Loved…

There are so many great blogs out there, but these were my favorites of the week…

…@PruDebtFree checked in on@DebtDebs So glad to hear she is okay, just a little overworked. I can relate :-)

…@sunburntsaver shared her Ruthless Gift-Giving Plan. Good advice with so much pressure to spend.


Hope you have a great week!


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