Net Worth Update – Q4 2014

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Okay, I’m a little late with this one, but thought I should get it posted before the end of this quarter….


Our liquid savings increased 1%. We’re still putting our extra cash towards my student loans so no surprise there.

My 401K had a 17.08% increase for the  4th quarter. I received some large dividends at the end of December that gave me a good boost. Mr. Tre’s accounts had an 12.3% increase. This was because we finally received a statement for his retirement account that was opened earlier in the year.

Our rental property decreased in value by 1%. I’m not too worried because the market will likely bounce back in spring. We are still planning on selling in the next year.

Our debt decreased by 2% overall. My student loan balance decreased by 4%, which is great because I had over $86k in student loan debt at the start of 2014.

Net Change

Our total net worth increased by 9% in Q4. Not an overwhelming increase, but let me tell you about our year-to-date numbers..

We had a 68% increase in our net worth for 2014. No, that is not a typo. We increased our net worth by 68% in 2014.

Looking Forward

I’ve been too busy working to spend any money so the 1st quarter of 2015 will be amazing for debt payoff!

How was your 2014?

What’s More Valuable? Money or Time?

I have worked every day since January 2nd. Most days I work at least 12 hours. I travel for work A LOT (1 week per month) and usually have to leave home on the weekend to make my Monday meetings.

waiting for another flight...

waiting for another flight…

Lately, I’ve been evaluating my work life. When I took my job it was the opposite of what it has become. I worked 40 hours per week. I never had to stay late or work on weekends. I never travelled. It was the perfect job for me!

Why has it changed?

I didn’t get a promotion. It’s very unlikely that I will ever get a promotion. The business has grown and ownership is reluctant to add more staff. From what I have read, that is fairly common. Many businesses are asking their employees to do more work.

Is It Worth It?

I am very well compensated for my work. I received a large bonus last year and a significant raise this year (we are putting the extra cash towards my student loans). But, my personal life is affected by the heavier workload. I used to drop the kids off at school and be home to make dinner. I never missed one of their games. Now, I’m lucky if I can drop them off. I’ve missed most of their games. I’m always booked on the last flight home Friday night and it usually is delayed so I get home early Saturday morning.

Is this really the life I want? Is the money worth the time?

I am not overpaid for my position. I make the industry standard.

I am allowed three weeks of vacation, but rarely have a chance to use them. This month I will lose three days to the “use it or lose it” rule. Love that rule!

I am putting aside my blog and personal business to meet my employer’s increasing demands for time.

Just something to think about while I sit in the airport waiting for yet another delayed flight that is getting me home a day late.

What A Week! 2015-2

What a week!

What a week indeed! I somehow decided that the first two weeks of January was a great time to do a Winter session course at the local university. Should have thought that through a little more! But I’ve got only three days left so there is no turning back now.

This week on House of Tre we talked about my December Update and some goals for January.

Around the web….

Well, it was a pretty quiet week…

Blogs I loved….

…@DividendDiplomats posted Bert’s Dividend Income Summary – December Great example of the power of reinvesting your dividends!

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December Update

December Goals

Budget – FAIL

The goal was to stick to the budget. That’s it. Nothing else. Did we do it? Nope, not even close. There were unexpected expenses. People kept asking for money. Mr. Tre couldn’t say no. I didn’t want to start a fight by saying that we were giving too much money away. So we totally blew the budget in December and will spend January making up for it.

Healthy Living – Pass!!!

Workout 4x per week – done!

Not gain any weight over the holidays – done!! Not only did I not gain weight, but I actually lost a pound.

Blog – Fail

About half way through the month I realized there was too much going on at work and I needed to take a break for a few weeks.

Extra Income – ???

I listed some textbooks for sale, but no sales yet. Let’s hope January is a better month for textbook sales!

How was your month? Did you achieve your goals?

January Goals


The budget is tight this month! We have to make up for going over budget in December. I’m going to try to cut our food budget to $550 and our gas budget to $250.

Healthy Living

Workout 5x per week and get my dental work done.


Publish the new look and follow my January publishing schedule.

Extra Income

I have a detailed plan for extra income in 2015. The January goal is $250.

What are your plans for January?

What A Week! 2015-1

It’s 2015 and things are changing here at the House of Tre. First of all, the blog has a new look. Hope you like it!

I’ve also changed the formats of my weekly update posts. This is the first What A Week! post.

What a week!

Things have been busy behind the scenes. In addition to the new look, I have some  new plans for 2015 and hope you like what you see!

Around the web….

Well, it was a pretty quiet week…

Blogs I loved….

Normally I highlight blog posts that I loved during the week, but this week I want to share my Blogroll with you. A Blogroll is a list of links to blogs I love to read and recommend. Explore and enjoy!